Manicures – Pedicures


A relaxing treatment for the hands designed to enhance and improve the appearance of the hand and nails

  • Tidy and Paint
30mins $36
  • Treatment Ritual (no paint)
30mins $36
  • Quick Treatment Ritual (with paint or french)
45mins $50
  • Full Manicure
60mins $60
  • French Manicure
75mins $75


A relaxing and corrective treatment for the feet designed to enhance and improve the appearance of the feet and nails. Highly beneficial for neglected, rough dry feet that just need a pamper.

  • Treatment Ritual (no paint)
45mins $50
  • Treatment Ritual (with paint)
60mins $65
  • Luxury Thermal (no paint)
60mins $72
  • Luxury Thermal (with paint)
75mins $82
  • French Pedicure
75mins $82

Gel Nails (by Bio Sculpture) – Fingers and Toes

Are you tired of chipped, smudged nail polish that doesn’t last then Gel Nails is the perfect solution for longer lasting, healthier nails.  Manicures will last up to 3-4 weeks  and pedicures approx 8 weeks, if not longer.

  • Colour Overlay Nails (Full set – first time)
45mins $60
  • Rebalancing Colour Gel Nails
60mins $66
  • French Overlay Nails (First time)
60mins $66
  • Rebalancing French Nails
75mins $76
  • French Overlay Nail Tips (Full set)
90mins $106
  • Colour Overlay Nail Tips (Full set)
75mins $96
  • Single Nail Repair OR Tip
15mins $15
  • Gel Nails Removal
30mins $25


*Please add 15 mins extra time and $15 if pedicure treatment is required before Gel application.

Prices subject to change without notice