Lan Lipstick Drama ink #525
Lan Lipstick Drama ink #525
Lan Lipstick Drama ink #525

Lan Lipstick Drama ink #525

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Get ready for a new level of drama and comfort with L’Absolu Rouge Drama Ink, the new semi-matte lip ink by Lancôme. This matte lipstick delivers intense color in a single stroke.


Become one with your lips, thanks to our lipstick's revolutionary water in oil emulsion which is 2 times more pigmented, yet 4 times thinner than a traditional lipstick. The intense matte lip color is long lasting, giving you up to eight hours of wear without transfer or fading. The ultra thin lipstick texture gives you a bare lip feeling for an all day comfortable wear. Sixteen lipstick shades of dramatic impact, including star shades French Touch, French Idol, French Opera dressed up in a new luxury signature shape.