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Miel En Mousse 125ml

Miel En Mousse 125ml

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Miel-en-Mousse removes traces of the day in a blink, spoiling skin silly at the same time. Its melting honey-like texture swiftly and gently removes makeup before turning into a velvety foam that lifts off residues and impurities. Its one of a kind formula provides a pure pampering cleansing experience that leaves skin comfortable and delicately scented.

1. Apply 2 to 3 pumps of the honey-like texture onto fingertips. Slide hand across applicator to keep it clean from texture filaments.
2. Apply to dry skin, gently massaging the entire face. The texture will slightly warm upon massage. 3. Add lukewarm water: the honey-like texture will transform into a velvety foam for a perfect cleanse.
4. Rinse off generously while keeping your eyes closed. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.

To remove eye makeup, use Bi-Facil.
Eyes prior to Miel-en-Mousse and complete your regimen with a toner.